The Best Photography on Instagram.
Walls by our community of curators. 

Gallery walls is a great way of building a story and visual impact. Do you like straight lines and symmetry or do you prefer a more unorganized feeling? Black & white or colour punch? We have, together with our curators, created personal and unique walls with different stories and themes. Ready to go on your wall or just to check out for inspiration!


The best photography on Instagram as posters.

Democratic Gallery is a community who believes there are photographs on Instagram that deserve something larger than likes. Photographs that belong on your walls as home decoration. Whether you love photo art in black and white, posters with lots of color, prints inspired by nature or architecture, or prefer a more abstract home decoration, we hope to inspire you. Let our selected photos from around the world fill your home with wall art. Be sure to check out our curated gallery walls and frames. Buy photography posters that make your home tell a story from every corner of the world – it’s like having an analog Instagram feed with The Best Photography on Instagram on your walls. With love from Democraticgallery.com