@slownsteadytravels no. 1
@slownsteadytravels no. 1
@slownsteadytravels no. 1
@slownsteadytravels no. 1

@slownsteadytravels no. 1

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When you buy this art you empower Matt & Steph. Our worldwide community of art lovers have voted for this print to be hung here. At Democratic Gallery the people rule. Not an elite. After all, history has proven that democracy is the best way of running the world. Why should the art world be any different?

  • Matt & Steph


  • Could you tell us a bit more about the photos you have in our gallery?

    Driving through Western Sahara the heat is intense, the horizons are endless and barren, dust plumes fill the skies whipped up by the relentless trade winds. The ever-present sun creates soft textures on the landscape, the dunes drenched in golden muted tones which change their intensity as the long hot days draw to a close.

  • ”We love exploring, connecting with nature, just being secluded with fresh air and space”

  • What is the earliest photo you can remember taking ?

    The earliest photograph that Matt remembers taking was of his mum and Dad on a beach in south west France, also on a film camera. The earliest photograph that Steph remembers taking was when she was around 5 years old of her cat, funnily enough on a caterpillar shaped film camera.

We print on matt paper to create a tactile, low key look and feel.

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